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  • Should have done this eariler

    Hi All,

    I guess I should have done this earlier before posting but Ive never been one to follow the rules.
    Introduction hu? Well I just turned 40 this year, I am a 2nd generation full blooded Italian and very proud of it. I come from a family of builders, my grandfather came from Italy as a stone mason when he was in his teens a few years later at 19 he became a general contractor outside of Pittsburgh, PA. My other grandfather (from Italy) was a mason as well, he worked most of his life in the steel mills. Within both families we have had a materials yard, tile setters, framers, concrete contractors and even a block plant where they made "real" cinder block by HAND in forms.
    I have a masonry/concrete business currently and have for years but my true love is food especially baking. I realized my dream of opening a bakery/caf? of my own a few years ago only to see it be sold because of a divorce. But getting rid of it (using the money for attorneys fees) ensured that my daughter would grow up having her father available to her. 8 years later its the best thing I could have done for us, family is most important. I recently got the go ahead to put a bakery in an out building on my property so I am very excited. I will be focusing primarily on 6 deferent cookies for wholesale (my family recipe's) and doing breads for the Farmers markets on the weekend. I have built 2 bake ovens one black (roman) and one hybrid my goal for the new bakery is to be another hybrid but a new design, black for high temp stuff like pizza and white for breads. My first oven was, to me a royal pain in the a$# with the firing and the rake out and the refiring..for any kind of production it really was a hassle for me, up side-- its hard to reproduce the results of a true brick oven. I guess thats enough "intro"..can you tell I'm Italian? if this was in person Id go on for hours.
    Thanks for reading and I hope that I can learn from this group as well as contribute.

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    Re: Should have done this eariler

    Wow! Welcome...Sounds like you will be a great asset! Where in CA are you?
    My Oven Thread:


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      Re: Should have done this eariler

      The lovely metropolis of Bakersfield...don't ask how I got here. Actually its not that bad at least you can still afford to buy a house in this part of CA. well for maybe another couple years. The house I bought 4 years ago (MAJOR FIXER UPPER) an a 1/2 acre did I say fixer upper? for 85,000.00 was appraised this year at 375,000.00. Of course I have re done everything, complete new plumbing, gas, electrical, AC, sprinkler system, and on and on and on..still not done. But all things being equal Id much rather be back PA..what can you do life happens..
      Thanks for the welcome
      I was wondering, after reading a post heading the first thing I seem to look at is the level the person is serif, journeyman etc. I see you have 332 posts and you are a journeyman where is the scale posted at? It kinda bugs me a little, I apprenticed with my father for 3 years before I was put "on the line" (mason talk for actually being able to lay unsupervised)..unsupervised..this word was not in his vocabulary, he was hard core old school but watching him work to me was like watching the Sistine Chapel being painted..jaw dropped, mouth open, in awe....then he'd yell at me for standing there..
      Its actually not a big deal but I didn't think it would bother me, thats funny.


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        Re: Should have done this eariler

        Go to "Forum Guidelines". New membership levels. You will find a "sticky" posting from James which explains.
        Sorry, I'm not much of a blogging or forum expert, so I have not yet figured out the process of adding links to my messages. (actually, I'm just plain lazy on the computer - if I don't have an urgent need, I don't learn it)



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          Re: Should have done this eariler

          It's great having another baker in the group. Welcome aboard. It's a long way from Italy to Bakersfield. I grew up in Modesto!

          Unofornaio, why don't you email Alf directly in the UK. I know he is traveling right now, but he will definitely get back to you. He is an expert at both Italian pizza ovens and French/Scots white ovens. He built the oven on the FB UK page, and travels all around Europe building and restoring both commercial bread bakery ovens and pizza ovens.

          Maybe he would travel to sunny Bakersfield to work with you? He installed an FB oven at home outside Washington DC. Who knows.

          Let us know how it goes.
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