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Brand New and Intimidated!

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  • Brand New and Intimidated!

    This is Chef Paul from Ocean Pines, MD, USA. I have been compiling bricks and blocks in my driveway for about six months from fellow recyclers, and I am learning how to do this along with my four kids.

    We are hopefully going to lay a foundation in a week or two, and I will go pick up firebricks in about three weeks. Other than that, I have no idea what in the heck i am doing, except for that I am excited to go even further back in cooking history than with the Aga!

    Any tips and pointers would be greatly appreciated!


    Chef Paul & Family

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    Re: Brand New and Intimidated!

    welcome! Inexperienced, but with an adventuresome spirit and willingness to take the time to get the resources needed - sounds like you fit in well here!



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      Re: Brand New and Intimidated!


      Tips..... pointers.... sounds like you already got the best tip when someone pointed you to this site....Lots of good guys and gals on this site ready and willing to help.


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        Re: Brand New and Intimidated!

        Thanks for the response! One question. I keep reading about the 'free' plans for the Pompeii. I have been glancing over the general plans extensively on the site for months.

        Is there an actual set of detailed plans that I am not seeing, or is the online guide detailed enough and I'm just not getting it yet?



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          Re: Brand New and Intimidated!

          DISREGARD previous entry. Found the manual and downloaded it.

          Cool stuff! Now the mrs. is really getting worried.


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            Re: Brand New and Intimidated!

            Yeah! Aga! I think an Aga or Rayburn solid fuel cooker would be way cool.

            Brick ovens are great too.

            Did anyone tell you you have to be a bit of a pyromaniac to fit in here?
            My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2