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  • Hello from Enumclaw, Washington

    Greetings, thank you all for this wonderful forum! I have learned so much since I first had the notion to build an oven. I have finally settled on a Pompeii style and will be breaking ground soon. Since I am a much better metal fabricator than mason, I believe I will make an iron stand to support the oven. Any recommendations, seen any drawings?
    Also, Hello to Maver and El Puaco, we are essentially neighbors! I may have some questions for you concerning local sources for materials. I can?t wait to get started.

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    Re: Hello from Enumclaw, Washington


    You'll find photos of metal stands on the main Forno Bravo site, under residential ovens. Right now, the fabricator I work with is in the process of building three steel stands for FB modular ovens that I will be installing. When they're finished, I'll post pics. Lloyd is a blacksmith by avocation, and he does have a tendency to overbuild; a failing we all share.

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      Re: Hello from Enumclaw, Washington

      Hello from Ravensdale. As you might have guessed from the various posts Maver is much further along than I am but we cooked our first pizzas on Sunday and did a follow up last night. I'm still cooking the water out of the bricks but can get a 700f floor temp.

      An iron stand sounds pretty cool but it also sounds like a lot iron. It will be great to see your design and how you progress. I'd be glad to share any info regarding material sources and the like. Jump on in!
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        Re: Hello from Enumclaw, Washington

        Welcome also from Puyallup. We're getting quite a Puget Sound area WFO representation - include Jack Chastain, Chad (Janprimus), am I forgetting others? Glad to help with any suggestions on material sourcing. El Pauco, I may have fallen behing your oven progress with my plans to move mine. If the move goes ok, I'll have an oven at my new house in about 10 days. If not, then I'm starting over.


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          Re: Hello from Enumclaw, Washington

          The company that built the shell for my BBQ island also built the metal stand for the corner WFO. It is built using 1" square tubing. Both the top and the bottom have cross members that are connected to each other via a center post.

          I used SuperIsol board as the base of the oven, instead of concrete [which would have been much heavier]. I try to get some photos posted this weekend.

          J W