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  • Sonoma County Casa 110

    Hi Folks--Just finished building out my Casa 110. I am currently in the process of curing it (day3). Looking forward to my first cook this weekend!

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    Looks great! Love the barn in the background as well

    how did your first cook go?

    l am finishing up my casa 110 in Texas. Framing with metal studs and then covering with stone leftover from house build. Can you tell me what you used for your chimney flashing? Or photos?


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      This thing cooks so well (and really retains the heat.)
      I had the flashing made at a local tin shop. I couldn't find anything that worked and looked good. after I laid down the plywood for the roof I made a cardboard template of the hole and pitch of the roof. They did a great job.
      I used steel framing for the top and covered it with Hardy planks. The base is cinder blocks with a fake stone that we used on the chimney for the house.
      The barn was a "kit". Used a company called Sand Creek Post and Beam out of Nebraska. They were terrific. Windows doors and main beams came either premade or premade and predrilled. Everything else was raw lumber. We had enough lumber left over to build a potting shed, pump house and cabinets in the barn.


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        From that photo I Would have never guessed that would be a kit, looks like an old typical barn of Sonoma. Nice!

        what did you use to attach the metal track to your concrete base?

        I went ahead and put stucco on mine so that I could at least use it until I can get it framed in and stoned. It really does retain the heat well even without an insulated door which I may insulate mine.


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          Well done-both of you. Memery, great look to that WFO entertainment/pizza party centerpiece of the patio. You'll certainly will be generating a truck load of fabulous memories with friends & family there. Have you thought about a name for it? Makes it part of the family that way!

          libertyhillmichael - glad you got that little beauty's stucco coat on so you could start using it during the next stage of finishing work!
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            @Libertyhillmichael--I used TapCon screws to anchor the steel stud sill plate to the concrete. Regarding the temp retention--I have the standard door at it does fine. I cooked pizza day before yesterday and did not add any wood after 5pm. It was still 550F by 3 PM yesterday and braised some lamb shanks without adding any wood. Did you use all of the insulation that came with the kit? If not, use the rest of it when you enclose it.

            @SableSprings--I had not thought about giving it a name. I like that idea!


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              SableSprings appreciate it!

              Thanks, I am using them as well. Started framing 18ga over the weekend, it will have a gable roof to match my back patio
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