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    Hello everyone , I’m new here and looking for an answer. I’m building an outdoor fireplace and was wondering when laying fire brick for the base can I lay it in a bed of sand and use fire mortar in the joints or do I have to lay it in a bed of fire mortar?

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    Hi John,

    Welcome to the forum.

    I would use the "home brew" to lay the firebrick for an outdoor fireplace. It is much cheaper than the expensive premixed crap that is sold to uninformed customers! Home brew is what I used for my out door fireplace and have used to it repair indoor fireplaces. I do not bed the floor brick with fire mortar. (Though, a thin or tightly packed layer of sand would be ok) Fireplace floors don't get as hot as a WFO. But, the lower back and sides of the firebox do see some extreme heat. Do use fire mortar for all joints in the fire box.
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      Thank you for the info much appreciated