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Primavera freestanding roof and venting.

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  • Primavera freestanding roof and venting.

    Hi All, This is my first post so a big thank you for taking the time to read it. I have had a Primavera 70 for 6 months and love it. I am getting ready to build a freestanding structure over it so that I can use it more often when the weather is bad. My plan is to build a shed style roof that is 7 x 7 feet and would be 9' tall in the front, and sloping down to about 7' tall in the back.

    Has anyone used the duravent double wall chimney pipe to vent a Primavera oven up through a roof? If so, does the 6' pipe fit correctly on the primavera's chimney? I measured the chimney at 51/2 ", and the duravent says it's vent pipe is 6". I haven't been able to find if that is an id measurement, or od measurement.

    Another question. There would be about 3' of clearance from the top of the factory chimney to the roof I am building. I expect this would not be a good idea to leave without venting through the roof, but with the slope of the roof I am building (4 in12), and the small 3' overhang in from of the chimney,, could I get away without venting? I ask because I gave seen a few pictures of wood fired ovens under patio covers without venting.


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    I think that not venting would probably be a very bad idea. You would have the very hot gas hitting the roof all the time and the occasional spark. So I think you would be best with running the chimney all the way up. If you are unsure of the size just call or email forno bravo and ask what size it is. Also I would guess you will need to extend 3'past the top of the roof line, but make sure to check with your local building department. Other than that what you are planning is pretty much the same roof line I did for my enclosure. Mine is 8'x8' and about 9' on the front and 6' on the back. Good luck with your build and keep us posted.