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    I just posted an article called Wood Fired Pizza Rolls over on Pizza Quest.

    I wanted to start a thread and see what you all have done in this realm be it Calzones, Stromboli's, or as I said Pizza Rolls. Truthfully, I had never made a calzone before. I've eaten plenty of them over the years, but hadn't done one myself until one of my early pizzas had to be coaxed off the peel after I took too many photos and it got stuck. It ended up being calzone like, but more of an alien version with some of the toppings inside and some outside.

    So, anyway, here are a few pics of some "Pizza Rolls" I decided to make one day. They were delicious and came out great. These are great for making and keeping for to go snacks/meals for the kids too. They cut up and store and you can hold them like a sandwich. Maybe I'll throw a roll to keep for later each time I fire up the oven.

    Anyway, just thought I'd see what other things everyone is doing...

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    Re: Pizza Rolls

    Here's a couple more to 4!

    I folded one of them and there was a lot of extra dough where I pinched it together. I sort of folded and pressed it together. That ended up giving it a more rustic look and also where the extra dough was, acted sort of like a crust with the dough being thicker and doughier.

    The next one I rolled a little more smoothly. It was also nice, different, thinner dough which was nice also.