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Pompmel. 1.00 metre Pompeii oven in Melbourne

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  • Pompmel. 1.00 metre Pompeii oven in Melbourne

    I am building a new oven,the last one I built was a tunnel Ovenquit effective however not as spacious as I would like. Can anyone help with the chimney design I intenD to have an opening of around 100mm x 300mm is this ok ?

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    The base slab has been poured and the first row of concrete blocks have been laid, I decided to mortar the first row in, a bit more work but I was able to cancel out minor discrepancies in the slab, from here on it is just stacking the rest of the blocks and pour the top slab.
    this is my second pizza oven the first was a tunnel oven, worked well but was not spacious enough. I live in a suburb called Research an outer superb of Melbourne, it is historically a gold mining area that yealded great wealth to many, after the initial mining the area was researched hence the name.
    I will post pics in the coming weeks in the hope that they will be helpful to future oven builders, two of the areas that seem to be difficult are the chimney dimensions and the oven opening, my last oven worked well but being a different design I find it challenging to get diffinitive information on actual sizes, I hope the information I post will be helpful to future oven builders.

    Stay tuned !


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      The height of the inner oven mouth should be approx. 63% of the internal height of the oven, but don't sweat too much if it's an inch or two higher or lower. It doesn't make as much difference as most people would lead you to believe, in my experience. It is really useful if you can provide some volume in the flue gallery where the smoke exits the inner oven mouth before it enters the flue pipe or chimney. This can be achieved by creating an inverted funnel form. For a one metre internal diameter oven you need a 150 mm diam flue pipe or at least the equivalent cross sectional area if a rectangular brick chimney. If you don't provide an adequate path for the smoke you'll end up with an oven that has lots of smoke stains on the front decorative arch. This may or may not bother you.
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        Thanks David s
        That info was enormously helpful I can now push on with the oven, I am considering having a rectangle inner doorway as opposed to an arch primarily to maximise space, and make door construction somewhat easier I will go with a an outer arch mainly for aesthetics ( hoopoe it won't look weird)
        hope you poor buggers are coping ok after the cyclone.


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          Thanks for your concern. Cyclone Debbie passed the coast about 200 km to the south of us so we only got gusty winds and 2 mm of rain. For others in its path, not so fortunate.
          Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.