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  • Building an Oven

    I am in the early stages of building an outdoor oven at my home in South Wales. I am using the forno bravo Pompeii plans which require 8x8x16 and
    8x8x8 hollow blocks.

    All of my local building suppliers seem to do 9x9x18 or 9x9x9, does anyone know of any suppliers 8x8x16 blocks?

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    Re: Building an Oven

    Hi David,

    If you are talking about the cement building blocks for the base, it really doesn't matter what size you get. Modify the design to work with what you can purchase inexpensively, locally. Even here in the U.S. the block sizes vary locally.

    Good luck on your build!
    Ken H. - Kentucky
    42" Pompeii

    Pompeii Oven Construction Video Updated!

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      Re: Building an Oven

      Cheers Ken,
      Hoping to start the build in the next few weeks



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        Re: Building an Oven

        I was wondering how you got on with the oven build,
        I am hoping to start soon. I was wondering if you have a copy of the plans as i am having problems downloading. What sort of bricks did you use and where did you source the fire bricks. Have you an idea how much the whole oven cost?
        Thanks my email is


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          Re: Building an Oven

          Allright mate. I cant reccomend enough the book "Your Brick Oven by Russell Jeavons"
          ISBN 190494325X Only ?6 and money well spent.
          I have a construction background but have never laid a brick in my life and built the complete dome, doorway and porch you can see here in a day using normal house bricks, The oven has been used many times and hasn't spalled once. In the book Russell explains why you can use normal house bricks. And the beauty is you chop them in half so one brick becomes 2...... I did use refractory bricks for the oven floor of course.
          O yes and the chimney is a hollow block cut in half, Works a treat


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            Re: Building an Oven

            Hi to all
            I'm a newbie here, in the middle of WFO build. I have all the materials for insulated base which is 5:1 vermiculite and cement. My question is - what is the best way of insulating the dome? I want to use rockwool, and chicken wire, and then 3 layers of render, the middle layer being vermiculite and cement @50mm thickness, base and top layers being 20mm thick sand and cement mortar. How good will this be?