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  • Pizzas in Portugal

    A brief trip to Faro for a few days presented a good excuse to check out the pizza status of the area.

    We tried a few restaurants in the Old Town, none of which notably had WFOs. Sadly, most of their doughballs semed to have been (1) made with regular flour - thus lacking elasticity, or (2) rollered flat.

    The biggest surprise was a really good wood-fired pizza in the unlikeliest of places - the airport! The joint was called "Rossopomodoro", which was found on the ground floor of the departure lounge. It was just a pity that they didn't want to be flexible with the toppings.

    One day, we took a bus to Estoi. Right near the bus stop, near the Roman ruins at the bottom of the hill, there was a builders' yard with WFOs stacked up for sale. I couldn't deduce the make for sure, although I think I've figured it out. Here's a pic anyway.
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