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Where to find dried wood in Bangkok

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  • Where to find dried wood in Bangkok

    Hi, happy to join this forum

    and thank you to help me finding dried wood in bangkok, trying to search on web but without succes.
    i live in bangkok and couldn t find , only wood pellets and charcoal shop, but i just want to make pizzas for family , so need dried wood to have an authentic taste of neapolitan pizza
    Thank you and please helllllppppppp

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    I build an oven using a lot of information on this site. Mine is in Nakhon Ratchasima province and it makes the best Pizza in the town ;-) the alternative is some snack bar at the station selling steamed pizza f0r 49 baht..

    In Thailand, it is recommended to only burn either Eucalyptus or Longan (Lam Yai) wood in your oven. Eucalyptus wood can be found pretty much anywhere, even in or near Bangkok.
    It is used on construction sites, so when they remove it from the site, I'm sure you might be able to get your hands on some.

    Alternatively, go a bit out of town, there will always be a seller of Eucalyptus. they like to sell the long, straight pole types and use the leftovers to either make charcoal themselves or sell it on to charcoal makers.
    Thats the one you will get the cheapest. I tend go to a local guy in my village, he provides it nicely chopped and ready to burn. In return, I give them some pizza's and everyone's happy.

    If you really cant find any, i'll keep on the lookout and send you a location near the capital.



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      What is Thai name for eucalyptus?