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Need Advice in Central Florida

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  • Need Advice in Central Florida

    New to Florida - haven't bought an oven yet. Looking for advice before committing. Any help?

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    Here is what you have to ask yourself:
    How many times per month will I be using this oven?
    That will dictate the size.
    Also, what other things will you be cooking in the oven?
    This will dictate size as well.
    Can you follow simple building instructions & videos?
    Then you should purchase a kit.
    If you want something prefabricated then that is another type of oven.
    I've had my FB Professionale on a trailer for my 4th year & it is still going strong!


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      Thanks. I am wondering if any Floridians out there can share there experience with placement of the oven - on the patio, within the pool screen, outside the pool screen, etc.
      also curious at bases - I would prefer to keep the oven "portable" and thus am leaning towards using a stand, but I wonder about patio and/or soil preparation due to the weight.
      I believe I am capable of building an oven, but I am not sure I want to do that (and certainly not before winter!
      I am in Dunedin.


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        On the patio inside the pool screen. The smoke/heat is comparable to a grill. If you plan on using a prefab stand for mobility down the line (IE selling the house & taking the oven with you) then you can either set on pool deck/patio. If you place stand in the yard I would make sure to place on brick pavers.


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          We built one in the North Florida woods behind our community center. It shares the space with a concrete block hog roaster, and a space for hanging out, visiting, and playing music.