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WA and OR - Tails and Trotters meat?

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  • WA and OR - Tails and Trotters meat?

    Has anyone tried the meat from Tails and Trotters? I'm considering ordering in prep for Thanksgiving.


    The following is from their website..

    It?s what makes Tails & Trotters pork so special! Traditionally, pigs produced for prosciutto are fed a special ?finishing? diet for their last 60?90 days where a large portion of their feed is replaced with acorns. finishing provides increased flavor to the fat and meat, as well as produces the necessary intramuscular and subcutaneous (under the skin) fat cover necessary for prosciutto production?our main long-term objective.
    While the Northwest isn?t good acorn country, it is renowned for its hazelnuts!

    Thanks for any info and feedback.


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    Re: WA and OR - Tails and Trotters meat?


    I love pigs tails and trotters and used to cook them for a trad butchers shop when I was in the butchery trade many moons ago. What a brilliant idea of cooking them in WFO, although these parts of the pig are usually boiled and not roasted.

    After seeing a picture here on the FB forum of another inexpensive part of a pig "Porchetta di Testa" (boned and rolled pigs head) I decided to have a go's my attempt....

    Honi soit qui mal y pense

    My 2nd Pompeii build.....


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      Re: WA and OR - Tails and Trotters meat?

      Ah yes, I remember the apple now.. Although I'm fairly handy with a knife I'm betting it would take me a long while to get the head boned out. Tails and trotters in a nice braise, oh yeh! The link is to a group that is finishing pigs on Hazelnuts similar to finishing on acorns. They're suppose to have dry aged hams available soon but sell the other pig bits at northwest farmers markets and will ship in the US.

      Finding good meat isn't all that hard, but finding great meat, holiday quality meat, is really tough!