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stone countertop as cooking surface

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  • stone countertop as cooking surface

    howdy, can you use polished stone countertop surfaces for the cooking hearth in a pizza oven? i've got lots of scraps and want to repurpose as much as possible for my oven design. thanks!

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    Welcome to the forum. I used brick for the floor, so I don't have any first hand knowledge. "Polished stone" covers a lot of terrtory and various materials. I doubt that many are suitable for a WFO. Here are some discussions about the use of polished soapstone in particular.
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      Soapstone has often been used in wood ovens for the floor , the general opinion is it gets too hot for a pizza oven. Generally any stone which has crystals in it, will perform poorly due to spalling, as most polished stone for kitchen tops has a large decorative crystal they tend to be unsuitable


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        Polished granite and marble both fall to bits under high heat.
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          Also when used in the landing?