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  • Perlite / Vermiculite

    hi guys,
    I got a simple question, is there a mixture ratio for perlite & vermiculite to fill the cavity? Not sure if Forno Bravo offer this mix?

    Thank you.

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    When you say cavity I presume you mean the under floor insulation, which needs to be strong enough to support the dome and floor. The recommended mix is 5 parts vermiculite or perlite,1 part Cement, 3 parts water by volume.
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      Thank you for your feedback, I meant the cavity under the roof over the oven.


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        For that it is 10 to 1, Vermiculite and/or perlite to Portland cement. You can get by with just adding a thin layer of the mix to the dome and any place that dry loose fill can sift out. The rest can be all dry loose fill. I've seen some place a thin retainer board in the corners so that it would not take as much loose fill where it is not needed.
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