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  • Cast in place oven base

    I'm in the process of building and oven at my house. I'm in the construction industry, particularly excavation & concrete. In my typical fashion of doing things, I'm looking to go big. So after much planning and design I decided to go with a concrete stand for the oven. I had helped my father building one at his house with the standard cmu wall and cast concrete top model. Logistically and labor wise I just wasn't in to it. So that being said, I plan on casting walls and top monolithically with a #4000 mix. I'm curious if anyone knows of an oven that was built this way, or am I the only fool undertaking this!?

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    There is a recent build in Thailand that did a poured concrete wall but the top was done in a second pour. If you have the skills to do a single mono pour, then go for it.
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