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Wood Fired Oysters?

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  • Wood Fired Oysters?

    Does anyone have a recipe for wood-fired oysters?

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    Oysters Rockefeller (Baked) and New Orleans Grilled (over coals) are both easily adapted to the WFO. I love them both. Oysters Rockefeller was created in 1889 at the historical restaurant (Antoines) in New Orleans by chef Jules Alciatore. It is a guarded family recipe. But, there are some really good hacks of it available on the internet. New Orleans grilled IMO is a hack or street recipe of Oysters Rockefeller that has been adapted to the charcoal grill. It is equally as good. It can be done by pulling some coals from the oven towards the entry and using a Tuscan grill. Dragos and Acme are both great New Orleans grilled. They also have guarded secret recipes. However, you can also find some great hacks of their recipes also on the net. Both are grilled over charcoal. It works on hardwood oven coals or lump charcoal also. I think that the big difference between the baked and grilled recipes is the greens used in the recipe. Rockefeller is thought to be spinach. That is debatable. Spinach is not native to the South. Many grilled recipes call for fresh parsley. I personally use fresh collards, mustard, or turnip greens in mine.

    Oysters in the shell are not as readily available as jarred oysters. There are ss oyster shells available on amazon and ebay. (You will see some of them in the Dragos video) They do them fresh in the shell in the resturaunt. The kit offers the ss steel shells) However, they are real proud $$$$ of them.

    For the oysters Rockefeller I buy jarred oysters and use some shallow muffin pans. I call it "Oysters Redneckefeller" Not quite as visually appealing, but still very delicious. (It looks a little better with the garnish) However you decide to do them, find a recipe for French Bread. It is customary to eat the oyster and sop up the juices with the bread. It's some good eatin" .

    I'm sure that there is a way to do a cross between the two styles with a live fire in the oven. When I get more time, I will work on that. Let us know what you come up with.
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      Thanks Gulf! My momma grew up in Gulfport! Thanks for the great insight!


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        Your welcome. Your post also got me wanting some grilled oysters. We were in Mobile,AL this past weekend and stopped in at Wintzell's Oyster House. When I saw their Oyster Sampler on the menu, I had to skip the chargrilled. The sampler came with 4 each Oysters: Rockefeller, Bienville, Monterey, and Carnival. All good, baked/broiled, and easily adaptable to the WFO. They are now on my to do list.
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          I've spent most of my time on the forum looking for construction techniques and gearing up toward building my WFO. I finally had a chance to venture out and look at some of the other topics and saw this entry on cooking oysters. I'll pass on this recipe which is very tasty for grilling / cooking oysters. The recipe is from Hog Island Oysters in California. BBQ Chipotle Bourbon Butter. If you google Hog Island Oysters and click on their "menu" link, you can find this recipe along with others. I've cooked oysters on the grill using this recipe, cooking them till they turn a rich brown hue. Really good!

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