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Tips for Bacon Bomb in WFO

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  • Tips for Bacon Bomb in WFO

    I'm wondering if anyone has cooked a bacon bomb in a wfo? If so, do you have any tips??? Thanks.
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    I am bummed no one has responded to this one. I haven't done the bacon bomb in the wfo yet, but I can tell you how I do it in the conventional oven. Since we have to cook 3-4 lbs of bacon at a time for my brood, we long ago started baking the bacon on shallow pans in a 350-375 oven. It works great and enables a lot of bacon to be cooked at the same time. Bacon bombs consist of many different recipes. My favorite is shrimp wrapped in bacon with a brushed marinade of lemon juice, Worcestershire, tabasco, onion salt, garlic salt, more tabasco, and any other stuff you like. A wfo in the range of 350-400 would do nicely for any type of bacon bomb you can come up with.


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      I didn't respond, but I did "google" bacon bomb after reading your post as I had never heard of one but have been a bacon addict all my life. If you have a go at it in your oven please post results and recipes (and pictures )
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        I've always seen these called fatties. Here's the last one I made. Its an ABT flavored fatty.


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          I would imagine a cast iron skillet would be the way to go for this recipe. I wouldn't use a live fire but a steady 350-400F might do the trick.


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            It sounded so weird for me when I have just read this thread. However, then, I also googled, it looks very delicious, I'm planning to try cooking it. Besides, guys, have you used fried on a pan bacon or in a bacon cooker? I've recently purchased myself one as I'd encountered info that it's much healthier to cook bacon in bacon cooker instead of cooking it on a messy frying pan. I've come across this info on article totally worth reading) What do you think? Will the result be the same as if I cook it on a frying pan? Thank in advance for your suggestions)
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