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    After I made a dozen pizzas last night for a group of friends someone had the idea of making a desert pizza with smores. I usually cut fresh strawberries and drizzle icing over the top after the dough rises but the idea of a chocolate pizza had be pondering about the possibilities. My wife made a sweet dough with yeast and we began. We made the smores pizza with perfect browned marshmellows on top, milk chocolate that melted with grahm crackers on the base and they were excellent.

    However my wife loves her smores made with reeces peanut butter cups. So we bought a small bag of mini butter cups and put those on the dough with marshmellows. We then put a top piece of dough like you would for a pie and ruffled the edges closed almost like an apple pie crust. It came out like a chocolate peanut butter pie when you let it set a few minutes to solidfy a bit inside the closed crispy crust. It was probably the best desert I've ever had from the oven. I don't think I have any pictures b/c as soon as it hit the table it was gone shortly thereafter.

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    Re: Sweet Treats

    That sounds pretty good. I do a chocolate pizza with nutella marscapone cheese and brown sugar. I normally use a standard pizza dough then spread the nutella all over the dough, then put a few blobs of cheese on and sprinkle with the brown sugar. Cook till the sugar starts to carmelize. It is one of my favorite desserts.



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      Re: Sweet Treats

      We have done several dessert pizza's but the favorite is standard pizza dough, peanut butter, chocolate chips, brwon sugar.... yum!!!


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        Re: Sweet Treats

        Originally posted by RandyJ View Post
        I do a chocolate pizza with nutella marscapone cheese and brown sugar.

        We do the exact same thing. To DIE for.
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