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Bacon wrapped scalp pizza

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  • Bacon wrapped scalp pizza

    We'll I finally got my oven done enough to do some cooking. We had our first pizza party and had every one bring toppings for a pizza. My new favorite is what we called the bacon wrapped scalp pizza. It is pretty much as it sounds. Crumbled bacon ,fresh scalps, fresh mots, and the sauce was a garlic and herb olive oil. We cut the scalps in thirds so they were not to thick and put them on raw, and we're perfect when the pizza was done. We will do this one again for sure.

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    Looks great! The picture enlightened me, I was not sure what the topping was. Nothing like a great first social event.
    Cheers ......... Steve

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      I can almost smell the oven cooked pizza from here :P good job and a nice result, might just pick up on your idea!


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        Welcome to the forum. There are some great WFO chefs on the site. I do want to point out that these posts are quite old and some of these members may or may not be active and may not respond. In the upper left hand corner of the of the thread shows when the last post was made. FYI.
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          Thanks Lindsayy that was a very tasty pizza. I would love to do it again some time. I think one of the keys is to have very fresh scalps. Is you have any questions just ask and I will do my best to answer them. But Russell is correct some of these posts are very old and members no longer active.