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Amazing restaurant

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  • Amazing restaurant

    In honor of my 1000th post, I'm going to tell all of you about the restaurant we visited last night. We went with a group, celebrating our anniversary a few days early.

    No, there's no pizza. There's not even a wfo. And yes, it was the single most expensive meal I've had, although we did have wine pairings.

    It was the best meal I have ever eaten, and unlike most restaurant meals, there's no way I could ever re-create it at home.

    The Town House, in tiny Chilhowie, VA, is absolutely amazing, and not just because it's in Chilhowie. (think Andy Griffith's Mayberry) The menu is best described on the link I'm posting, but I can tell you that everything we ate was wonderful, and the tastes and textures were like nothing I have ever eaten. The chefs obviously see dimensions to food that I haven't seen before.

    Since it was a slow night, the server told us that the chefs would give us as many courses as we'd like (normally you choose 4 or 10). We chose to have 6, of their choosing, and asked for a red wine and a white wine paired to what we were going to have.

    The portions were spot on for the number of dishes you get- not so much that you can't get to the end of the meal without bursting, and not so little that you can't get a sense of what went into the dish. I had the overwhelming urge several times to run to the bathroom with my plate so I could lick it in private.

    The service was impeccable, the atmosphere is lovely, and the food, well, I've seen some things like this on the Food Network and thought "that's incredibly fussy- who's going to do that? And does it even taste good?" Yes, it does taste good! No, you won't (can't) do it at home, but that doesn't mean it isn't well worth eating!

    Check out the link- and drool. Since it's really a destination kind of place, you can stay over if you don't live close enough to drive it-
    (hope the link works!)Town House | destination dining in Chilhowie, Virginia


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    Re: Amazing restaurant

    Nice story Elizabeth! And great looking food. (The link worked!) I had to Google Chilhowie as I had NO idea where it was. And must conclude the place is in the middle of nowhere! Which makes what they are doing even more incredible! Thanks for sharing! It looks like I may need to plan a trip to Virginia!

    The images make the food look similar to what my wife and I had a Clio last week and mentioned in my Travel post on Boston.

    Thanks for sharing! And congratulations on your 1000th post!


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      Re: Amazing restaurant

      I thought of your Boston post when we were eating there last night.

      By all means plan a trip to VA! There are lots of cool places up here, and this part of the state is beautiful indeed.



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        Re: Amazing restaurant

        My wife has challenged me to plan some long weekend trips to a variety of places in the US (she has 5 weeks vacation and wants to get four or five trips out of two of the weeks). As a result I may just try to get her to Chilhowie. It looks like a great experience and would take us somewhere we have never been!

        Thanks for telling us about it!