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  • EU Inflation

    -- although Spain and Italy have both suffered from inflation....

    James, you said it!!

    I've been going through a regular price shock as I shop and travel in Spain and I'm guessing much of the EU is the same. It must be fun for you bringing products back to the states.

    Exchange rate used to be 90 cents to the Euro, now it's $1.30 to the Euro. That's almost a 50 % increase in costs due to just the exchange rate.

    I'd suggest that since the Euro came in here that prices have doubled in about 5 years on the Euro implementation and inflation. They say real estate is up 8% annually and more along the coasts.

    The day the Euro came into existence a 100 pesetas cup of coffee was suddenly a Euro and at that time I think it was 160 pesetas or so to the euro. Such is progress. I see signs changed regularly....yesterday a tag on a piece of furnature was changed from 250 to 350. A sign for the Menu del Dia changed from 10 Euros to 12 Euros....

    So, anyone who has travelled Europe in the past and will come back, just be prepared for increased prices on just about everything.

    Thanks George....
    sigpicTiempo para guzarlos..... ...enjoy every sandwich!