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  • Singas Pizza

    Is anyone familiar with Singas Pizza in NYC ? I cannot figure out how to make a Crust like theirs. I will try to describe it to you. It is light and Crispy or maybe the word is Crackly ON THE INSIDE ! The inside of the crust is sort of PUFFED up with air pockets. Again, it is not Chewy on the inside but "crackly".The outside is crispy. They serve it in 9" rounds. It is either an Indian or Greek owned place, if that matters. Any Ideas? Thank You.

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    Re: Singas Pizza

    It's definitely Greek. And the pizza is Greek Style as well.

    Elmhurst, Queens: Singas Famous Pizza | Slice Pizza Blog

    Here's how you make Greek pizza:

    Greek pizza

    Singas uses a deck oven, although I think this is one of those rare instances, because of the extended bake time, that a home oven should work just as well.