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An Open Letter From James

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  • An Open Letter From James

    Forno Bravo Community Cookbook
    Everyone?s Invited to Join In!

    Hello, Wood-Fired Oven Lovers.

    Okay. I think we made a mistake. We included two pieces of similar news regarding the Forno Bravo Community Cookbook in the same publication (our June newsletter) ? and it was confusing for our readers. We're sorry about that.

    So, let me try to clarify things here.

    As you probably know, we recently started a special program to provide Primavera ovens to a few professional chefs, in exchange for their serving in an official capacity as consistent, regular contributors to the Community Cookbook. This is a fun way for us to build momentum and grow the Cookbook.

    We have heard from a number of our community members who say they think that means we only want to have professional chefs posting recipes in the Cookbook. But nothing could be further from the truth! And we are very sorry if we implied as much and caused any offense.

    The Community Cookbook is, as the name says, a community resource. We created it specifically so everyone could share their own experiences, recipes and comments in a community setting. We want everyone to join in and enjoy it! That is why we?ve just released a new, easier-to-use version of the Cookbook.

    But from some responses we?ve received, I can see we were not clear about what we were trying to do.

    Forno Bravo is all about community. For the past 10 years, we have enjoyed seeing each other's ovens and recipes, making comments, giving tips, and getting to know a great community of people. Of all the things Forno Bravo has accomplished, I am the most proud of the group of people that has come together to create our wonderful community.

    We want everyone to post recipes, make comments on other members? recipes, and even create your own wood-fired cooking blog on the Community Cookbook. Jump in!

    In summary, I want to sincerely express how much we appreciate all of you and your contributions to the world of wood-fired cooking. Please, light your ovens this weekend and let us know how it goes. We are looking forward to seeing all of your culinary creations.

    ? James

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    Re: An Open Letter From James

    Thanks for clearing that up James. I feel the love in this community so no feelings were hurt. Thanks for the links.

    I appreciate all that you do and giving us this fine and friendly place to talk about our WFO's.



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      Re: An Open Letter From James

      More recipes, ideas and community!!! It is all good. I look forward to the professional chefs learning a few things about Forno Bravo cooking and in turn learning from their experience. Good for all.
      Greg Geisen
      Chula Vista, CA

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        Re: An Open Letter From James

        Originally posted by Faith In Virginia View Post
        I feel the love in this community so no feelings were hurt.
        Are we all going to sit around a camp fire and sing kumbaya?
        The English language was invented by people who couldnt spell.

        My Build.