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Primavera Vs Napolini

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  • Primavera Vs Napolini

    Hi All,

    I am contemplating purchasing my first pizza oven and its a close run race between the Primavera 70 and the Napolini. Are there any comments that could help sway my decision. I live in VA and also want to make sure the winters won't crack the oven outdoors. Many thanks for all feedback.

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    Re: Primavera Vs Napolini

    Hi Parasense,
    Thank you for your interest in Forno Bravo. The Primavera and Napolino are two great options for customers who want an already assembled oven that can be easily put into place.

    The Primavera has a stucco finish that many customers find attractive. It gives the oven an earthy and rustic look that compliments most outdoor living areas.

    The Napolino has a beautiful tile finish that you would find in many Italian restaurants. The finish is glossy and will shine in the sun.

    The performance is absolutely incredible in both ovens and they have the same cooking surface area. Depending on what cosmetic finish you are looking for, each oven can be the perfect choice for your home.

    I hope this helpful. It's a tough choice to make!