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  • The Lady is a Felon

    Ok so I was going to respond to the MS comment that was made about a terse response to an article/subject piece promoting the virtues of WFO's


    But then I realized that my comments would not be fair and most likely harsh and of course off-topic and that means in belongs in this section.

    So here it goes.
    Julia had class and style and was a riot to watch and learn from
    Martha just gets on my nerves and I find her a snobbish boor
    I don't have cable but friends do & I have seen snippets of someone named Rachael - it seems to me as though she came out while MS was doing time. Can you say way too perky and mostly fluff (yeah all this from 15 minutes)

    Finally when I was ready the Get Me Off Your List response for some reason I heard it, in my head, as MS talking and about spewed Coke on my keyboard. I think it should be framed and prominantly hung in the shop - We are too good for the likes of you.

    Then put this next to it

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