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Happy Birthday Jim

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  • Happy Birthday Jim

    Hey Jim,
    Happy Birthday, and if the information you entered when you registered on the forum is correct, this is an important one that has a "0" in it.

    Have a great day -- I hope you do something special.
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    Happy Birthday Jim is seconded, with gratitude!

    (M) I also wish you a very happy birthday, Jim (CanuckJim) and want all Newbies to know that your numerous postings ( Total Posts: 670 (1.44 posts per day) are at least equal in their quality as quantity.

    (M) Thanks, also, for the individual emails you've sent me about bread baking. It's great to have a Pro. in our corner; not just in baking but in building as well.

    (M) So, now that I've mentioned your avocations, tell us about your vocation as a "free lance writer". ____

    (M) Does the etymology "free lance" stem from the knightly mercenaries? __


    "Everything should be made as simple as possible, ...
    but no simpler!" (Albert Einstein)


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      Re: Happy Birthday Jim

      James, Marcel,

      Yep, this one definitely has a very large 0 in it. Funny, don't feel any different than I did yesterday, though: tired. Did the special dinner number with Wendy and her daughter, Kate, yesterday. Kate's thirteen and taller than I am. Whoops.

      Marcel, you're right on with the mercenary part. Today's translation might read hack. I've worked for ad agencies , publishers , car manufacturers , and everything in between writing ads, brochures, annual reports, video scripts , ghost writing books, books of my own, etc., etc. I've even written short stories and magazine articles. Tried my hand at fiction, but I can't find an agent with a heart and a brain. I'm still at it, but other things, like ovens, have taken over.

      Thanks for the greetings, guys, exactly what I would expect from this Forum.

      "Made are tools, and born are hands"--William Blake, 1757-1827


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        Re: Happy Birthday Jim

        So youi're not 39 any more?

        Enjoy every sandwich!

        sigpicTiempo para guzarlos..... ...enjoy every sandwich!