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Emaling Specific Forum Issues to Forno Bravo

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  • Emaling Specific Forum Issues to Forno Bravo

    I found a moderator on line a couple of times and shot them a pm with no reply. I finally went back and read the Forno Bravos's August Newsletter. I had remembered something about the new forum in it. After reading it, I went to the bottom of the page, selected the Contact US button and sent them an email. I got a reply the next day. The reply mentioned "the September budget" It hasn't been fixed, but if enough of us send them an email with specific problems................ Well, it can't hurt.

    "UPDATE: Forno Bravo Forum

    Members of the Forno Bravo Forum noticed a change in the appearance and functionality of the Forum when we launched the new Forno Bravo website last month. Due to inconsistencies in the upgrade of the software, we temporarily lost some functionality in the Forum, particularly in the photo galleries. We are diligently working on resolving these issues and our vendor is posting update in the announcement sections in the Forum. We are happy to report that the photo album functionality has been restored, we are just working through some minor content re-direct issues. If you use the Forum, please email us any issues you are experiencing, please be specific on what the problem is so we can troubleshoot."

    I hope that each and every one of us can send an email, spelling out a particular problem that we are experiencing with the new forum. I'm sending one email per issue.

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    Thanks Gulf,
    I've sent mine.

    Dear Mods,

    First up thanks for providing and running the forum which contains a wealth of information for users. Unfortunately from a users perspective, there are a number of issues with the new forum that did not occur with the old system.
    1. Search function doesn't work.
    2. Red against grey is unreadable.
    3. No "new posts" function.
    4. No pinch zoom available for iPad or iPhone.
    Hoping these can be rectified,

    David s.

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