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Floor tile damage

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  • Floor tile damage

    I built a Premio 2G oven two years ago and have been baking about 2 dozen loaves of bread each week. Now the 18" square floor tiles are pitting, cracking and a 3/8" gap has opened up between them. Pryor to baking the loaves I use a damp dry mop to clean any residual dust off the tiles after I have brushed them. Could this be causing the problem?
    Customer Name: Bruce Alton, Product Type: PREMIO2G110, Date of delivery: 10-30-2013

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    You should be directing your complaint to the manufacturer rather than the forum. However, any large pieces of refractory are subject to damage if heated unevenly and not adequately reinforced, unless you fire to a temperature increase not exceeding 100 C/hr to allow more even expansion rates.This is impractical for an oven user so we usually crank it up as fast as we can. It would be the equivalent of firing a kiln with the burner set on full from light up. This is why many oven floor use smaller, unmortared units.The floor in particular gets a real hammering. The oven will still perform ok and it has now reduced those large floor pieces into smaller units all by itself. If the cracks worry you take your complaint to FB.
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      Alton, The way you describe the oven use it seems that it should not have caused the problem. The 3/8 inch gap is really strange. As David suggested, I would contact FB and see what they can do for you. The age of your unit tells me that you would be on your own. If that is the case you may consider laying down some splits if your current floor doesn't work for you. JMO - Les...
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