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Whatever happened to Annie M

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  • Whatever happened to Annie M

    There was a lady on the forum who posted about making bread with sea water, which I thought was really cool.
    I seem to remember someone wrote or did something unkind and she deleted her posts and fled.
    I have never forgotten the idea of using seawater - I will try it it one day. One of my many retirement projects.
    In the mean time does anyone know what happened to Annie M?

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    G'day mick
    Long time no see, good to here you well and about the forum.
    Yes I'd like to hear from Anne again. She certainly made forum interesting.
    We tend to just use "best practice" but with Anne it was always what was about that she could use. Shame that she removed her posts she managed to make a workable oven out of practically nothing and even her peel was an old wood oar washed up on the beach!
    Regards dave
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      Yes, Annie M. did a fine job on building an oven on a very limited budget. As I remember, she was moving to a new place several miles away and was hoping to build another oven. It would be great to find out how she is doing. Sadly, she has set her profile up to not receive messages from the forum.

      I took the liberty of using my mod privilges to uncover her recipe for for her "Rustic" Apple Galette. Her pics from that cook are no longer available but they blew me away at the time and I just had to try it. They were dlilicious! It is a great recipe for wood fired ovens. This is her response when I asked for the recipe on the forum.

      Re: Rustic Primitive

      Rustic Apple Galette

      This recipe will make three 7 inch galettes...


      2 Cups flour
      3/4 Cup salted butter...cold
      Water... very cold... use ice water

      Cut the butter into small cubes then cut in to the flour... I use a Kitchenaid with the paddle attachment... just barely cut in the butter... you want to still see some actual butter... don't let it get to the crumbly stage... now add ice water a few Tbsp at a time until the dough just starts to hold together... I don't leave the mixer going I just give it a little blast with each addition of ice water. Now gather up your dough and divide it into 3 parts and form each one into a large hockey puck. Now go get your skates...(oops wrong recipe). Wrap each piece of dough in plastic and into the fridge for an hour (or more depending what is happening with the oven).


      Apples... I use a tart apple like Granny Smith... about 2 large for each galette.
      2/3 Cup Sugar
      1/4 Cup butter melted (sometimes I cheat and add an extra tablespoon or 2)

      Peel the apples... quarter & core... I have a solution of lemon juice and water that I dip them in at this point so they don't start to turn brown and will look nice and fresh when the galette is assembled.

      Assembling the galette

      Before I slice the apples I roll out the pastry to about 1/8 inch... they end up being about 10 inches across and then I put the rolled out pastry back in the fridge while I prepare the apples... slice them somewhat thin.

      In a large bowl mix the sugar with the melted butter and toss in the sliced apples and make sure each slice has a nice experience with the butter and the sugar mixture.

      Take your nice cold pastry and design your apples to within 2 inches of the edge... you can spiral them flat or go Picasso if you wish... I like to put mine almost on end instead of flat... I like lots of apple so I really pack it in. Now gently fold the pastry edge over your apple masterpiece... I don't tuck in too too tight so they bloom in the oven. I finish by sprinkling a little golden sugar on top... mostly on the pastry for a little bit of sweet crunch to contrast with the buttery texture of the apples.

      Baking... my oven floor was about 400 F I had just finished doing bread... It took about 35 minutes to cook and I spun them a 180 after 15 minutes just because it was fun to do and it gave me an excuse to see how they were doing. If they spring a leak they may stick... so have a spatula handy... next time I might use a cookie sheet.

      They are a lovely simple thing and it probably takes less time to make them than it did to read this recipe. Gulf... enjoy!!
      Joe Watson, "A year from now, you will have wished that you had started today"
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        G'day Gulf
        thanks... thanks very much.
        That brought back memories, she enriched our lives. I've put that on the favs list to cook. I'm not ashamed to say I think we helped her as well at at hard time in her life as well.
        Recon she would be proud that we would remember!
        thanks mate
        regards As always
        Measure twice
        Cut once
        Fit in position with largest hammer

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