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    Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is doing well and healthy. We are in weird times right now and as much as I wanted to take some time of off work I didn't want it to be on someone elses terms but wanted it to be on my terms but it is what it is. This is the opportunity to reconnect with family and support others such as neighbors, friends, local business owners, military, and you get the idea. This is also a time to see what we are made of. Looking through the internet and facebook I really got a sense on what these neighborhood businesses are going through. There are places all over which are good businesses that are long time establishments who are suffering with what's going on in the world. These places maybe some of our childhood spots that bring back memories of loved ones when you enter them.

    Now with that being said and that this is a "pizza forum" I'll start with pizza, but not limiting this to pizza only, lets get a list of establishments that are selling meal setups for curbside pick up and add them to this thread so everyone knows where they can get a fresh meal picked up for dinner in their area. I'll start with a few. Be sure to tell the establishment if you order from them whether not they ask tell them "Our Forum" supported them!

    Stay Strong be Safe!


    In the Chicago area

    The North American Pizza and Culinary Academy
    1970 University Lane
    Lisle, Illinois 60532

    In Plymouth, Minnesota

    Vesuvio's Wood Fired Pizza
    3425 Hwy 169 N.
    Plymouth, Minnesota 55441
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