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Oven Tool lenght

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  • Oven Tool lenght

    I have been searching the Forum for info on the proper length of tools used for a 42" oven. I have been looking at peels, brushes, shovels, ECT. When looking for tools, I don't know if length is just for the handle or if it is an overall length of the tool. I would like to get the right length the first time. At the price of these tools, I would have to live with them. To short would be a big problem. To long could be awkward at best. Any feed back on tools would be appreciated. Length, type (stainless vs. Aluminum), size of peel, ECT. Has there been a poll done on tools? Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Oven Tool lenght


    The general rule of "thumb" is the total tool length should be the depth of your hearth plus two feet. The extra length is so you keep your hands and forearms out of the hot oven. My GI Metal peels (spinner, stainless steel; loading peel blade, anodized aluminum) are 67 1/2" and 75," respectively. By contrast, my two hand-made wooden bread peels are six feet long, total. My hearth is four feet deep. At 42" on your hearth, these lengths are about right. Much better too long than too short.

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      Re: Oven Tool lenght

      Hey Pizzapolice, where are you? He's talking about tool lengths...!

      Um, ok. I think the length listed depends on the seller - I've seem some give the total length and some only the handle length. As for how long a one you need (dearohdear, but its hard to stay serious on this subject)... probably not as long as you'd think. I say this because mine is too long, so I'd suggest making a mock up out of a stick and a piece of cardboard and see how long a handle you need to reach to the back of your oven with comfort.

      As for peel size, the big squarish one should be able to fit comfortably through your oven door. Appart form that, the bigger it is, the bigger pizzas you can make. The small round ones are for turning and removing the cooked pizzas and I think they are all more or less the same size.

      Materials: Aluminium is lighter, steel looks cooler - but that's just an opinion. I've got aluminium.

      I believe FB has some pretty well-tested peels.
      Hope this helps.
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        Re: Oven Tool lenght

        Thank you guys for the come back. I should have thought of the stick/cardboard idea. There has been some talk as to Santa bringing some tools for Christmas. He must have been sleeping on the job some this past year. He is probably getting old too. My eyes aren't what they use to be either. Just in case Santa didn’t miss everything. Are the ones with the holes in the peel worth the extra money, or work any better?


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          Re: Oven Tool lenght

          Our peels are made by Italy's bigger tool producer. For placing, you should use a rectangular aluminum peel. The flat front edge is easy to slide under a pizza and aluminum is very naturally slippery. The turning your pizza in the oven, you should use a small (8") round head, and the head should be metal. Stainless is better, as the turning peel spends more time in the oven, but it's more expensive.

          Our peels have rectangular extruded aluminum handles, which are nice. They're light and they don't slip around in your hands.

          The standard peels have 47" handles, and the premium tools have 59" handles. The standard tools will be fine with a 42" oven -- though the larger ones might be a little better for an oven that size.

          Here is a fun graphic on how you design a really cool placing peel.

          The Anatomy of the Perfect Pizza Peel

          There are some peel technique ideas here:

          How to Use Pizza Peels | Pizza Peel Techniques

          Hope this helps.
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            Re: Oven Tool lenght

            Hey James
            Can the Deluxe Pizza Oven Tools be bought as a set or just individually? You indicated that the peel was used for ash removal. Is the shovel and rake needed or used that much


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              Re: Oven Tool lenght

              Speaking of TOOL LENGTHS........ I, of course, have very long tools.
              I have a pretty deep oven but find that shorter guys would have been better.
              The stick idea is a good. Keep in mind you'll have to a little ballet as you negotiate the ingress and egress of your pizzas. A very long peel will present some landing problems.

              Regarding some unnamed person in Switzerland and my past posts regarding same..... I hope to hell that in some convoluted Switzer-language that Twirly Bits and Tool Length do not share the same meaning.

              Fingers crossed,


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                Re: Oven Tool lenght

                Why not make them yourself, specifically to suit your needs, including the ideal width. Hell, they will do the job until the family figures out that they are ideal christmas, birthday or fathers day gifts!
                When I made Hendo's vent, I ended up with another stainless steel 8" disc which will end up as a pizza turning tool once I find a nice contoured garden hoe handle rather than just a broom handle or dowel.
                I'm even looking (after completing my outdoor kitchen) of getting some lightis blonde timber and making some custom peels. I have an aluminium one at the moment but couldn't we all do a few?

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