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Great markets in NYC

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  • Great markets in NYC

    Coluccio Bros. 60 st and 12 ave in Brooklyn all kinds of cheeses, salami, sopressate, coffee (Kimbo,Lavazza,Mauro, ecc.) and they also carry Caputo flour. If you are looking for same unbelievably good mozzarella for same unbelievably good pizza then Lioni latticini is the place for you, on 15 ave and 78 st. Their lunch counter is yummy too. Any others??
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    Re: Great markets in NYC

    You Brooklyn guys have to cross the water once in a while:

    Arthur Avenue, Little Italy In the Bronx, New York

    Where I grew up
    Un amico degli amici.


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      Re: Great markets in NYC

      Arthur Ave for sure. Best kept secret in the City. I found that Dairyland in Hunts Point is a great place to get the various Caputo 00 flours, the Red Bag and the Blue Pizza blend in 25 kilo sizes.