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  • Javea Municipal Market

    The other treat is Javea's Municipal Market located in the Old Quarter of the area.

    The modern municipal market sits opposite on the northern side of the church and stands on the site of the convent of "Agustinas Descalzas" (the barefoot Augustine nuns). Built in 1946, the market retains the style of the area and is a popular place for fresh fruit and vegetables, locally-caught fish, and meat from the local area.

    The building is trimmed in local Tosca stone quarried from the seaside. It sits in the shadow of a 14th century church.
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    Re: Javea Municipal Market

    Xabia was once a walled town to protect the inhabitants from marauding pirates that once sailed on the Costa Blanca and there is still evidence of the presence of these fortifications; The road around town and stone crosses mark the original gates in three locations.

    In the centre of town, mostly built in original Tosca stone hewn from the rocky shore, sits the impressive fortified Church of Sant Bartolom? which dates back to the late 14th century (there is evidence that some of the structure may date back a further 300 years.)

    The church suffered extensive damage during the Spanish Civil War and its southern and western walls remain pockmarked with bullet and shell holes. It was listed as a National Historic and Artistic Monument in 1931 and remains a centrepiece of X?bia's 'old quarter'.

    Check out the individual stone mason marks on the blocks....that's how they got paid!
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      Re: Javea Municipal Market


      Okay, do me in, I'm so jealous. Being where you are, when you are, is priceless.

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        Re: Javea Municipal Market

        More awesome pics XJim. Thanks again for posting. Those hams hanging in the market make my mouth water. Pan del la dia...(or something close to that - bread of the day). Toasted ham on bread was my favorite. Mmm, that's a sandwhich!
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