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Keeping me and my oven dry.

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  • Keeping me and my oven dry.

    Well it's been a while since I have been able to use my WFO. This spring has been rain every day and lots of it. Now with summer here there is the lovely almost daily afternoon thunderstorms that pop up from nowhere. So I'm thinking how do I keep my oven dry, food dry, and me dry. One of my issues is my oven is in it's temporary location but I won't move it until next year or the year after.

    So what I did was build a 20x16 freestanding roof over my oven it's almost complete missing a few roof pieces (thunderstorm chased us off today) but now I have my oven back in service no mater what the weather wants to do.

    I did have a few issues to deal with one being is I only have 4 columns holding up this roof. I have good bracing but I know a hard blowing storm will give the roof some motion. What I needed to do was have the chimney free standing and not attach to the roofing so if the roof moves any it won't take the pipe with it. If I make a hole larger then the chimney pipe then water will flow in. Don't laugh when you look at the pictures it kinda looks like a hood scoop on a hot rod but I attached my pipe cover to the roof and not the stove pipe. We had a big downpour today and happy to say everything stayed dry.

    Another strange thing I did was I did not want the expense of a triple walled insulated pipe on my outdoor oven but I wanted some benefit of some heat shielding off that stove pipe. I have 8" stove pipe for the oven and I could not find a larger pipe as a shield so I stuck 2 6" pipe together for a 12" pipe so now I have a 2" space around my 8" pipe and that vents up through the roof as well.

    So anyway this is what I have been up to and now the WFO is operational again rain or shine. It may not be the most beautiful but for now I'll take function over beauty. Once the stove gets moved to it's permanent location I'll be doing a masonry chimney pipe.

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    Re: Keeping me and my oven dry.

    Necessity.. the mother of invention. Looks like you've got it covered!! Ha!!
    My oven (for now):


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      Re: Keeping me and my oven dry.

      Yes I checked out the photos
      What a beautiful part of the world you live in so lush and green... but i suppose it comes ata cost but a small price to pay to put up cover to live in such a lush place.

      Regards CobblerDave

      PS Like the idea of the two sizes of pipe through the roof ...that one's going in the ideas book.
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