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Converting Brazilian BBQ to Propane BBQ

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  • Converting Brazilian BBQ to Propane BBQ

    So, I've used my wood-burning oven for everything from pizza and bread to brisket and suckling pigs, and NOTHING tastes as good as it does after it's come out of these ovens. I know that you all know that already, but my question pertains to my Brazilian BBQ/Smoker.

    My regular propane grill went kaput this winter, and living in Bend, OR it's hard to have grills last much longer than 3-4 years. So, I'd like to install a propane element into my Brazilian (the thing on the right in the attached photo). Does anyone know how I could do that so I don't blow myself up, and more importantly, my wood-fired oven

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    Re: Converting Brazilian BBQ to Propane BBQ

    I do not think you will get a response here that you like. It has always been the policy of this forum to not discuss gas additions, modifications or any new builds involving the use of gas. You listed the obvious reason. This forum was built around the "home build" or DIY builder, beyond the abilities of most members.

    It will be recommended that you do 3 things:

    1) take all discussion off site and communicate privately
    2) if you insist on moving forward - seek professional assistance to insure proper regulators, shutoffs and suppressors are used
    3) buy a restaurant style oven already outfitted with the proper devices that has been tested and approved



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      Re: Converting Brazilian BBQ to Propane BBQ

      The Forno Bravo Professionale and Modena2G Gas ovens combines all of the advantages of the traditional Italian wood-fired oven, with the convenience of gas. The Forno Bravo oven burner is an electronically controlled, multi-gas atmospheric burner, designed specifically for firing Italian "wood" ovens. Two independent flame sources guarantee quick, and uniform heating of the entire oven dome and floor. Oven temperature is controlled electronically, giving the restaurant owner and chef easy control over cooking temperatures. The digital dispaly shows the target temperature and the actual oven temperature.

      Unlike other pizza oven burner systems, which have a low flame and require fans or extra burner elements such as infrared panels under the cooking floor ? which still do not adequately maintain proper temperature, the Forno Bravo burner delivers high, even cooking temperature.

      Well I am confused, FB offers a gas burner from Drago. Do they not sell this item as an additional add on part??