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Are gaps between floor and sides normal?

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  • Are gaps between floor and sides normal?

    Thanks for helping, I am trying my oven out for the first time since curing and noticed a gap between the oven floor and the dome sides.

    I just fired my oven to high temp after the recommended curing process and noticed about a 3/8" gap between the floor and dome for about the first 14" from the opening in around the sides, is this something I should be concerned about?

    Thank you for your help!!!

    Pgh Yinzer

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    Re: Are gaps between floor and sides normal?

    I'm not sure if you have cut your floor bricks to lay inside the dome walls or if you have laid the dome on top of the floor.

    If your floor is inside the dome, a gap is fact its a good thing. If your dome is on top of the floor, does the gap close up when the oven cools? Do you have a reinforced cladding on the dome?

    Keep an eye on the joints were your dome comes into to the oven opening and the center of the dome wall (looking through your opening) If you see cracking that is opening up and not closing after cooling down, you may have to relieve the cladding.

    But, don't worry too much about it. The best thing to do is continue using it an monitor how your oven is acting with each fire up. It's a new oven, so give it some time.
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