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    I am putting brick veneer on my oven/outdoor kitchen. I would like to place a few ceramic tiles for accents. Tiles with a Tuscan design are what I'm looking for. Any recommendations on where to shop for these?

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    Re: ceramic tiles

    What exactly do you mean by Tuscan?

    To me, it suggests earthy or terracotta hues...

    Or mosaics, perhaps?

    Depending on whether your oven is directly exposed to the elements will determine what is suitable. For example, natural travertines (unless treated) may not be.

    I was fortunate enough to find some vintage (1970s) Cristal tiles for my oven, from a time when the pattern was in the glaze, rather than just a lithographic print with a clear glaze over the top. Hence, every tile is unique. Not sure if any are made like that nowadays.
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