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    I am new to this forum so please be gentle and if I put it into the wrong section please feel free to relocate it.

    I want to build a wooden machine to roll out Flammkuchen dough. In case you forgot what that is :-P :Tarte flamb?e - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The problem is that the dough is very hard and therefore it is very tiring to roll out for more than three people. The final product has to be around 1mm thin. Basically I want to build a big noodle machine which looks nicer than the machines used in restaurants and may be stored away. I made a first prototype and had several problems:

    1. how to adjust the machine properly so it can be set to a different "thickness"
    2. how to mount the rolls that they are exactly in the center

    In the pictures you can see the two rolls. One is fixed and one on a radius. The fixed one is lower for the reason than for a change in radius the distance between the rolls does not change too harshly. On the bottom side two gears that the rolls move just in the opposite direction.

    I am stuck because the outcome is not as precise as I hoped and I have no idea how I could change that or where to go to change it.
    I hope you guys can help me!