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  • Welcome to the building forum

    Welcome to our newest FB Forum category. This is a new forum focused on general building and construction questions. Please feel free to post questions on anything your are working on in your house -- from flooring materials to window installation.
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    Re: Welcome to the building forum


    i am going to buy a home in Florida and its have flat roof, some one told me that flats roofs are not as good as others
    Well, at least in Florida, you won't be expecting snow! So a flat (or at least one with a slight fall to run off rainwater), roof should cause no particular problem. Keep the gutters free from leaves and dirt and you should experience no problems at all. These roofs use minimum materials (usually galvanised iron or colorbond decking type steel and prove to be totally adequate in the right climatic zone.
    The only disadvantage that I can see with a flat roof is hat there is no storage space above your ceilings.

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      Re: Welcome to the building forum

      Can you paint a cultured marble bathroom vanity top & how? Thanks ...‎


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        Re: Welcome to the building forum

        Is it possible for the average person to install cultured marble products?


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          Re: Welcome to the building forum

          I am looking for some solutions...


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            Re: Welcome to the building forum

            haily, I think you need to be asking these questions at a more specialized forum. Although this thread is titled general building and construction, this forum specializes in everything you need to know about constructing, using, and maintaining wood fired ovens. Although many members have a great knowledge of a vast array of construction projects, most folks here just share a love of wood fired ovens.

            All that said, I would not recommend painting any countertop regardless of the material in either a bath or kitchen. Paint just won't hold up to the abuse or moisture, not to mention possible adhesion problems if improperly prepared or primed. My other issue is aesthetics - painted counters, tiles, and bathtubs/showers look exactly like what they are (an inexpensive band aid to cover something unsightly) - a common practice here in FL by home flippers during the housing boom.
            Yes, the average handyperson can work with cultured marble. Bits and blades for cutting are readily available at any homecenter. The only issue would be any cut edges that are exposed. Cultured marble is a man made product consisting of resins, polymers, and limestone dust (basically fiberglass with stone dust). The glossy surface is achieved with a gel coat, just like a fiberglass boat. Finishing any cut edges of the counter so they match the factory finish is not something most people could achieve.
            Most cultured vanity tops come predrilled, precut, and prefinished so alterations are minimal. Exactly what are you trying to do?



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              Re: Welcome to the building forum

              Hello all

              Sorry if I am not posting at the right spot, can't figure out how to create a new thread.

              Platform built....4 inches of vermiculite/cement...rebar throughout and then 3 inches of high concrete as a bed for fire bricks.

              Oven is 24 by 36 all fire brick construction.

              My question....overbought thermal blanket and have enough Insulfrax to put down a whole foot over my dome.

              My ovens old style modeled on a Alan Scott build.,

              Do I need to cover my Insulfrax with any more insulation ?

              Can I just lay my stucco right over the thermal blanket..onto a stucco meshing.

              Much Thanks

              Salmi...Quebec Canada