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Good mason in the Minneapolis area?

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  • Good mason in the Minneapolis area?

    We are still in the dream stage of owning an indoor pizza oven. We want to convert our wood burning fireplace into a pizza oven. Where do we begin? I think we definately need masonry help, but how do you go about finding someone who knows about this type of conversion?

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    Re: Good mason in the Minneapolis area?


    First, get a good word of mouth recommendation from an actual customer. Second, get a firm grasp of what is being proposed. Third, run the proposal by Unofornaio here on this Forum.

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      Re: Good mason in the Minneapolis area?

      Excellent advice from Jim...I would only add that you might be able to find out about very capable individuals through the Masonry Heater Association...those guys do some pretty neat stuff...but definitely share your dream with Uno...knowledgeable guy....here's a link to the MHA
      The Masonry Heater Association Home Page - Information on masonry heaters, manufacturers, and masonry heater builders
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