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    hey everyone.

    a while back i saw someones plans and pics of an oven they had build using square metal tube for the framework. they made a metal form to pour the hearth on and finished the outside with cement board.
    Sorry, sounds vague but im trying to keep it short and sweet.
    If anyone can direct/link me to this oven thread i would greatly appreciate it.


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    Re: looking for

    Hi Keith..............this may be what you are looking for................


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      I took the pics of some of my FB installation jobs that used steel stands. A blacksmith nearby fabricates them for me and delivers to the job sites. Your location is Toronto, and I'm to the north and east of the city: Prince Albert/Port Perry. Send me an email, and I'll forward more pics if you like. The square tube legs use 1/4" stock, the tray is made from angle iron, and the cross of strap steel inside the tray is 1/4" flat stock. The tray is then floored with 1/2" cement board, a rebar and mesh grid is added, and cement is poured into it. Plenty strong.

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