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Building an oven door

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  • Building an oven door

    I am interested in building my own door for my oven. Does anyone know where i can get a small closable vent for the door?

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    Steve, have you searched through the various door threads on the forum? Lots of design ideas. Most people build a rather thick insulated door to maximize heat retention and do not want to have a vent for heat to leak out of. Some have built additional doors of thin metal with vents or holes to let high speed air flow into the oven to help it burn faster, but usually remove these doors and replace with the insulated doors for baking or to keep the oven hot over night. I don't recall seeing any single design that could do both jobs well. That said I have had luck placing my insulated (4" thick) door slightly ajar at an angle which can let high velocity air flow around the outer edges and supercharge a fire.
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