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doubt about build a refractory brick oven using a metal structure

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  • doubt about build a refractory brick oven using a metal structure

    Dear, I would like to build a refractory brick oven.

    To build it I have thought to use a half barrel of metal 60 cm radius and join the refractory bricks to its inner edge using refractory cement.

    The problem is that I don't know if there will be a problem with the expansion of the external barrel due to the heat. I think that the brick structure compensates for itself so that it would do the same for the metal to expand. I am right?

    What would be the appropriate thickness for a refractory brick? I have seen that there are 32 mm and 63 mm. Is it necessary to place an insulating material on the outside ?, the oven would only use it for small things.


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    Yes there will be a problem with expansion. Because steel is some 10x more conductive than brick or any refractory material it will expand faster than the material sitting on top of it. Exacerbated by the fact that the steel is also facing the fire. Not sure how thin your steel drum is, but thin steel will be more prone to rusting. 60 cm radius (120cm diameter) is going to be a pretty big oven, you want to get it right or you’ll waste a lot of labour and materials. You will also find an uninsulated oven unsatisfactory.
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      Thanks you, one doubt more, what thickness of refractory brick is commonly used?, The heat is not supposed to penetrate much into the refractory brick, right?


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        I'm a bit late to this one, but I have a question.
        Reading your first post, it seems to me that you were considering lining the inside of a barrel with the bricks?
        If the bricks are between the fire and the steel, i.e. it is the bricks facing the fire, it is no different to what we do at my workplace.
        P.S. the mortar won't be much use for joining bricks to steel. You should mitre your bricks so that they fit so well that no mortar is required.
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          What kind of mortar is better here, who can tell me? Thanks for sharing your problem, I think this thread might be useful for many. I think your main problem could be connected with the expansion. It's because steel always expands quicker than its sitting. The diameter of 60 cm is a rather big oven, it would be frustrating if you lose your time and your money. I remember I ran into the same problem once. It was related to installing refractory bricks that were too heavy. It was obvious I won't be able to do it on my own.
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