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northern michigan mason needed

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  • northern michigan mason needed

    anyone know of a mason in northern michigan who can build a pizza oven. we are remodeling our cottage in cedarville and want to include a outdoor pizza oven. any help would be appreciated

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    Re: northern michigan mason needed

    If you have any spare room I'll come over and buid for you. I drink alot of beer though.
    Once you have studied this site more I am sure you will give it a go yourself.
    good luck.
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      Re: northern michigan mason needed

      Personally I think one of the best things about these WFO's is the fact that most did it themselves. With no training and just the assistance of this site some really spectacular ovens have been born. Keep reading and researching and before you know it youy will be laying the brick yourself.
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        Re: northern michigan mason needed

        If you get a prefabricated oven, then I guess any good mason could install it... why not ask the people who are remodeling your cottage? You could get and oven that matches your house.
        "Building a Brick oven is the most fun anyone can have by themselves." (Terry Pratchett... slightly amended)



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          Re: northern michigan mason needed

          I think a prefab oven is the way to go if you are not going to build it yourself. Otherwise you may get a mason who (while an excellent mason) does not have experience with ovens and may make some fundamental mistakes (no insulation, vent in the dome, barrel bread oven instead of a pizza oven...)

          If you purchased a prefab, then you would be assured of a well performing oven, and the mason just decorates the housing...

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