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Little Johnny Bad Mouth

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  • Little Johnny Bad Mouth

    It was Monday for the 1st graders and the teacher walked into the classroom and asked the students "Well what did you all do this weekend?" She looked around the room and picked Tracey:

    Teacher: Tracey, please tell the class what you did this past weekend.

    Tracey: Me and Mommy went for a ride on a choo choo train.

    Teacher: Very good Tracey, but you are in 1st grade now and you need to start to talk more grown up then that. What you should have said was that "My Mommy and I went for a ride on a train." You don't need to say choo choo.

    Teacher: Sue, how about you, can you tell the class what you did this weekend?

    Sue: My Grandpap took me to a petting zoo and I petted a Moo Moo.

    Teacher: Thats nice Sue, but again your in 1st grade and you should not have said Moo Moo but Cow. You should have said I petted a COW.

    Teacher: Is there anyone else you can tell us what you did this weekend but please use more grownup words.

    Johnny: I went to a movie this weekend with my parents.

    Teacher: Very Good Johnny! What did you see?

    Johnny: Winnie The Crap.

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    Re: Little Johnny Bad Mouth

    Very good.