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    An old farmer brought his old farm dog with him when he retired to live in town. He arrived home a evening to find the dog playing with the rabbit from next door. A very dead rabbit. The rabbit looks pretty bad , covered with mud and grass and dog slobber. So the farmer takes him inside and washs him with the wifes fancy shampoo and blow drys him. Rabbit looks good but unfortunatly still very dead.
    So the farmer sneeks the rabbit back in the hutch and returns home to water the lawn and wait for... Suddenly a scream from the next door. the farmer jumps the fence rushes to the hutch inspects the rabbit and informs the lady
    "Sorry Mam I think the rabbits dead"
    The Lady replies between sobs
    "I Know He Is Dead We Buried Him 2 Days Ago!!!!!
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    Cut once
    Fit in position with largest hammer

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