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My duck's sick

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  • My duck's sick

    A woman came home to find her favorite pet duck laying limp on the floor. She scooped it up and raced to the vet. Placing the duck on the counter, the woman begged the vet to help her little Ducky. The vet, having seen lots of ducks throughout his practice bluntly told the woman, " ma'am, your duck is dead.". " what!" the woman cried, how do you know, you haven't listened to his heart or checked his breathing! I demand you do some tests!" the vet, sighed and left the room. He returned with his favorite black lab who jumped up on the counter, sniffed the duck and turned to walk away.
    . " so, the woman cried, are you going to do something?"
    He sighed again and left the room, returning with a pretty little calico cat. He placed the cat on the counter next to the duck, and let it look the duck,over from head to toe. The cat just turned and hopped off, leaving the room.
    The woman, exasperated, said " Well?"
    The vet left the room again, returning with a bill for $120 .
    " what!!" the woman screamed? " $120 to tell me my duck is dead?"
    "ma'am, it would have been $20 but after the lab report and the cat scan...."