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Boy on a beach

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  • Boy on a beach

    There was this boy on a beach sitting in the shallow water lapping up the sun and surf. He had no arms and no legs.
    A nice looking girl strolling past, looks down at him, feeling sorry for him. She says:
    "You poor boy. Have you ever been hugged ?"
    He answers "No, no. never."
    She kneels down and gives him a huge hug and wanders off.

    A little while later another girl is walking past, looks down at him and feels for him too. She says:
    "You poor darling boy. Have you ever been kissed ?"
    He says "No no. Never been kissed"
    So she kneels down next to him and gives him a huge kiss. Stands up and continues walking.

    Sure enough, a little while later another good looker walks past, looks down and says
    "You poor thing. Have you ever been f@#*ed ?"
    He answers "NO! NO! NEVER HAVE!"
    She says "Well you will be soon, the tide's coming in."

    Vince Ieraci

    This is rocket science.