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My mate bought his wife a Fitbit

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  • My mate bought his wife a Fitbit

    My mate bought his wife a Fitbit wrist band gadget.
    Tracks your activity and lets you know if you aren't getting enough exercise.
    So the other night they are getting ready for bed and she notes she's only done the equivalent of 8500 steps out of her target of 10,000.
    You need some "horizontal exercise" he says. Come on over here and I'll help you out.

    She's agreeable, so they get it on.
    He's going for it for about ten minutes he reckons, and he hears the Fitbit start beeping.
    Must be the 10,000 steps mark he thinks.
    So he grabs her wrist and turns the fitbit around so he can read the message.

    "Inactive ten minutes."